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24 hour Ultraskate
by Shane PerrinThe idea to participate in the 24hr Ultraskate came to me late. Late as in ...
Adventures, Expedition 444Sunday went by with a lot of pushing and switch kicking up hill...
When Kenny Reed moved into a new neighborhood outside Knoxville, Tennessee three years ago...
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  • My experience with the Billy Lush SUP Team has been one of a kind! My love for adventure and a little encouragement from Abe Kiggin pushed me to try it initially. I instantly fell in love with the experience as soon as my feet hit the SUP board on the water. I had a chance to compete in my first paddleboard race in July 2013 where I got first place in my division! This was an incredible feat as I had only started on the water in May. One can accomplish more than imagined in the presence of good company, with an open and adventurous spirit and in such an exhilarating activity. If I could sum up my SUP experience with Billy Lush Brand it would be: a captivating and unmatched adventure!

    Holly Grady,
  • The idea of getting on a skateboard scared the hell out of me. I never thought as I approached 40 years old that I would set foot on a skateboard again. The last time I was on a skateboard of any kind was back in the 1980's. Riding the Billy Lush custom Orca longboard brought me back to being a kid...Nothing but big smiles on my face. With the overall size, specifically built with SUP stance paddling in mind, I was more comfortable and felt more stable from the very beginning. Using the land paddle also made for an easy transition for someone that had not kicked on a skateboard in years. My favorite part about the Billy Lush boards and paddles is the fact that they are created to simulate stand up paddling on the water. It's a great cross training tool when you can't get to the water. I would recommend this brand to anyone.

    Shane Perrin,


Kiggins had moved from Pensacola, Florida to Knoxville in 2005, to accept a position as a full time athletic trainer with the University of Tennessee Athletic Department. Enter “Uncle Billy”. As a joke, Kiggins and his twin brother David, who lived in Nashville, created the goofy, masked Uncle Billy character for short videos on YouTube. He presented tips on surfing, SUP’ing, and skateboarding; surf shop reviews and more, all in a lighthearted, silly manner that appealed to everyone’s inner child. After being told by their wives that they were wasting their time, the Kiggins brothers decided to show their wives that Uncle Billy mattered. So, they gave him a last name –Lush, [not to be confused with the real actor, Billy Lush] and started a skateboard and lifestyle company based around the character. What started as a spoof, aided by a healthy dose of spite, would evolve into a brand... Read More

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