A Lifestyle and Fitness Brand

Impacting Lives Through Alternative Forms of Fitness is our #1 goal

Billy Lush Brand specializes in using Longboards, Land Paddling and Stand UP Paddle Boards as alternative forms of fitness. We are a modern day lifestyle and fitness brand that was created to share our passions with the world through a fitness platform that will allow people of all walks of life and skill levels to try simple concepts like longboarding, stand up paddling and land paddling as exciting alternative forms of exercise.

From day one, the mission of Billy Lush has been to use our passion for longboards, stand up paddle boards (SUPs) and land paddling to help motivate and inspire change in the wellness and fitness industry. We not only believe in manufacturing the best quality, ergonomically correct products in the industry to make the most enjoyable and safe experience possible, but we also believe that the phrase “made in the USA” is something to be proud of. We will never waiver from these principles and we hope to encourage other young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to do the same.

Our main purpose at Billy Lush Brand is to cultivate relationships, grow a community of like-minded individuals and spark a new revolution that will empower individuals to take control of their destiny and fulfill their true calling in life. Yes we want to sell product, but we feel that our main purpose is to make our mark in the industry as a company that prides itself in creating a culture that is truly passionate about changing lives. Every individual was born with a profound purpose, and we at Billy Lush seek to create innovative concepts and ideas to help create a foundation and platform to help promote and launch individuals into what they were meant to be.

This is where YOU come in. We want you, our families, our friends and our fans, to be an integral part of something special that we are building around the World. We want you to come join the movement: Come SUP, land paddle, longboard and/or just come hangout and support your friends and be a part of the “Livin’ Lush Family. Together, we can make a difference. We can change lives…one board at at time.

SUP - Skate - Longboard

Start your Fitness Adventure

Billy Lush Brand is proud to be on the forefront of something very special in the fitness industry. Our team is dedicated to being the most creative and innovative longboard, land paddling and stand up paddle company in the world. Our main goal and objective at Billy Lush is to take these simple action sports concepts like longboarding, land paddling and stand up paddling and show the world that these fun and exciting forms of exercise can be life changing if used properly as an alternative form of cross training. We plan to use all of our resources to promote scientific research, sound fitness fundamentals, proper biomechanical instruction, and sport specific ergonomically correct paddles, paddle boards and longboards to make your new fitness experience something to write home about. We are on a mission to turn our laid-back, surf-style, company into a world leader in the fitness and wellness industry and show that we CAN change lives…one board at a time.

What is Livin Lush

A Look at Livin Lush

The phrase “Livin’ Lush” simply means enjoying life to the fullest. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, a surfer, an accountant, etc., you were born to be an inspiration to the world. When you are truly “Livin’ Lush”, it is contagious. It’s not one specific thing. It is a mind-set, a lifestyle and something that comes from within…that feeling that you get when you are living in the moment and for a split second, time stands still and nothing else in the world matters. It is happiness, joy and a since of satisfaction and accomplishment. It may be different for each individual, but we encourage you to start “Livin’ Lush”. Start taking advantage of opportunities, take risks, dream big, and chase your desires with every part of your being. This is you.