Livin Lush Ambassadors

LIVIN LUSH AMBASSADORS: More than just Surf, SUP and Longboards

Impacting Lives Around the World

As we continue to settle in to 2015, we at Billy Lush Brand are uber excited to announce that we will be recruiting a brand new team of “Livin Lush Ambassadors”. We have never been more stoked and enthusiatic as we are today about the future impact that we hope to make in the Surf, SUP, and Longboard Industries. We are on a mission to make a few monumental changes within our company that will hopefully impact more lives and build a stronger community of like-minded individuals around the world.

Yes, we will still be looking for the best action sports talent in the surf, SUP and longboard communities to represent our Brand, but we will also be looking for something a little different this year. Our main goal and objective moving forward goes back to the foundation of our company. We want to find unique individuals that not only have a passion for action sports, but also a burning desire to change and impact the world through their own unique skill sets. We are looking for an ecletic group of entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, engineers, etc that live and breath action sports, but also have other talents that they can share within our Billy Lush family, our Industry and others around the world. We want to unite with like-minded individuals that truly feel like they were born to make a difference in our cities and communities around the globe.

Through our Livin Lush Ambassadors Program, we want to create a platform in which each individual has the resources, connections and opportunities to use and promote their God given talents and skill-sets while also helping others achieve their goals within the Action Sports Industry on a global scale.

More info coming soon!! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in being an integral part of our “Livin Lush Ambassadors Program” for Billy Lush Brand.

One thought on “Livin Lush Ambassadors

  1. Charmaine Saulsbury says:


    I’m interested in the ambassador program for Billy Lush. I am a certified SUP instructor and endorsed SUP Yoga instructor by the American Canoe Association. I have just entered the world of SUP racing! I totally love seeing seasoned yogi’s step onto a board and begin a new journey in their practice. The smiles and interaction is amazing. I want to take people out of the place of comfort and begin to enjoy a different sport…a different view of life.
    I am fortunate enough to teach in DuPont State Forest in the beautiful Western North Carolinas. As a registered yoga teacher, I enjoy teaching yoga in the community.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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